Yuli Shumarev - A Talented Bulgarian Artist

Yuli's Art

Yuli Shumarev is a talented Bulgarian artist, whose paintings are exhibited in galleries around the world.

The paintings of the Bulgarian artist have captured the attention of art connoisseurs in many countries and the acclaim of the art critics.

The painter is true to the Bulgarian artistic tradition and finds inspiration in the Bulgarian folklore and fairy tales.

Through Yuli's paintings, Bulgarians who live around the world have taken a small, colorful piece of Bulgaria with them.

Yuli's most recent solo exhibition "Carriers of Love Letters" was hosted by White Zone art gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

... I want each and every one of my paintings to be a love letter...

... I have a constant desire to paint, to leave a small line outside of the grip of time, to build a world where the souls of things past roam ...

Yuli Shumarev

There is no deadline for a new beginning
Interview with Yuli for Public Republic

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